Monday, January 14, 2008

I've recently had a short story published

How many of you readers out there know about "the pulps"? They were the old fiction magazines, printed on cheap pulp paper, that used to be popular in the early half of the twentieth century. It wasn't just science fiction. There were pulps for Mystery stories, romances and every other genre.

One such pulp was called "Man's Story."

The Man's Story magazine would sometimes have stories with titles like "Chained Women: Sex Slaves Beg to be Tortured!" It was a kind of weird James Bond style pulp magazine with nude chicks and blazing guns on the cover.

It was successful enough in its time to spawn imitations like this 45 year old Pulp Fiction Magazine, Man's Action:

Now, some fans of the old fashioned pulp stories are trying to breath new life into that old style of writing and illustrating fiction. "Man's Story 2" was thus born.

And Man's Story 2 Publishing Company has published one of my stories in HELL ON EARTH (AND OTHER TALES OF SUSPENSE AND TERROR). It's filled with illustrated stories and Pulp-Fiction Art similar to the original Man's Story magazine published from the 1960s to late 1970s.

Here's the cover:

Here is the Carlos Dunn illustration for my story, which is called "The Android Giantess":

The book can also be found at their ebay store. Here they have some older pulps on sale.

I just got my money and my copy of the book. They changed the title of my story, it's no longer called "The Giantess Android," it's called "ATHENA." The only title in all caps in the index.

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