Tuesday, February 12, 2008

BRING IT ON!!! Science Debate 2008

I just got an email from Chris Mooney and he urgently wants bloggers and writers to start making noise about Science Debate 2008 because as of now, the candidates have been officially invited.

So, be there or be Huckabee squared.

That's right: Hillary Clinton, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Barack Obama have been invited to ScienceDebate2008. It will be held at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute on April 18, just before the Pennsylvania Primary.

Mooney wants his flying monkey brigade science friendly bloggers to make a ton of noise about the debate. He wants to force the campaigns to say they'll come.

I'll give Chris the last word on this:

So please, if you were ever going to blog again on the science debate idea, do it now. Mobilize your readers. A list of things they can do--contacting the campaigns, writing letters to the editor, further spreading word about ScienceDebate2008--and how they can do them can be found here:


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