Friday, March 13, 2009

Turn me on to your music

What do you listen to? Is there some band out there I've probably never heard of that really excites you? If so, drop me a link in the comments here, or just a name and I'll look them up on youtube or myspace.

I've asked this favor of my readers before and I got a couple interesting new groups to listen to. For example, Michael (MPhil) turned me on to Cynic:

Cynic - Adam's Murmur

Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper

Cynic - Integral Birth

Cynic - Traced in Air

sinned34 turned me on to Opeth:

Opeth - Circle Of The Tyrants

Opeth - In My Time Of Need

Shadowstreak turned me on to Mortification and Paramecium:

Look Away - The Paramecium

Just reading Bear McCreary's blog I found a couple interesting groups named, Muse and Ozric Tentacles:

Supermassive Black Hole - Muse

Ozric Tentacles - "Coily"

I don't know what the odds are that you've heard any of those bands but I think I can come up with some groups you've never heard of. For example, here's an interesting little Christian Death Metal band called "The Drama Scene."

They're just now putting out their first album it seems and you won't find them on youtube. They've just got thses samples on myspace. I liked "The Devil's Among Us" and "My Razorblade."

And what are the odds you ever heard of Hawkwind:

Hawkwind - Master of the Universe

Hawkwind - Space Is Deep

Hawkwind was a group I liked when I was in high school but never listened to again after I got to college... until recently when I looked them up on youtube.

Another group you may not have heard of, Eyehategod:

Eyehategod - 99 Miles Of Bad Road

Eyehategod - Lack Of Almost Everything

Of course, obscure groups aren't the only kind I listen too, they're just the only ones I'm noting in this post. But I will mention Ozzy because Ozzy's music has been with me since I first heard Black Sabbath in high school and I've never stopped listening:

So, tell me what music you listen too.


Wow! Lots of music to check out thanks to all you people. And following your links on youtube and myspace leads to yet more related bands. If you're a Death Metal/Black Metal fan the numbers of groups out there is overwhelming. It's a world wide phenomena.

There is Russian Black Metal and also Death Metal:

There is also Japanese Death Metal and Chinese Black Metal:

And does any of this look and sound familiar?

And here's an interesting artist you can find on Kompoz.


This band recommendation comes from Bear McCreary:

Bear wrote:
Captain Ahab - This guy works with me all the time, but his records are incredible. In fact, I’m actually doing orchestral arrangements on his upcoming album. But, the last two are outstanding. It’s crazy, insane, occasionally very offensive techno and dance music, but there is a sadistic sense of humor to all of it. Like songs by the South Park guys, his music is funny and also intelligently satirical all at the same time.

A summary of Bear's other recommendations with semi-relevant links (see the comment on his own website for more details but no links): Boingo, 1994 album by Danny Elfman’s band Oingo Boingo, also their previous album “Dark at the End of the Tunnel” (1990). (A lot of “BG” musicians (Bartek, Avila, Vatos, Doug Lacy) playing on both these records). Ozomatli, 2001 release “Embrace the Chaos,” especially “Vocal Artillery.” Warning: their most recent record is to be avoided though. Bt4, his brother. Raya Yarbrough, his wife. Buckwheat Zydeco, and then of course bands we all should know: Queen, Pink Floyd, Guns n’ Roses (not so much the new record), Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy, Al Green, Supertramp, The Specials, Elvis, Michael Jackson and The Band. Film and TV scores, his stock in trade, favorites are: Elmer Bernstein: To Kill a Mocking Bird and / or his RPO Pops “Best Of” CD. Jerry Goldsmith: Alien, The ‘burbs, Gremlins 2, Stark Trek: The Motion Picture. Bernard Herrmann. Lalo Schifrin: Enter the Dragon. John Williams, Temple of Doom and Empire Strikes Back were always my favorites.


Anonymous said...

Every Friday I blog about a song on my iPod. Maybe you'll find a couple you like.

spurge said...

Here are a few I like



Peter Mulvey

Gentle Giant

Tori Amos


Killing Joke

Orange 9mm

No Use For A Name


Sleater Kinney

Hammel on Trial


Minus The Bear


eddie said...


BadDancer -

The Moth and The Mirror -

AC Acoustics -

Urusei Yatsura -

Galchen -

Isa and the Filthy Tongues -

Hindle Wakes -

Take A Worm For A Walk Week -

Desalvo -

eddie said...

Desalvo -

because the sound on that last one was guff.

normdoering said...

Thanks guys!

Hardly an hour after my post was posted and I've got lots of music to check out.

Now if only youtube would cooperate!

Has anyone beside me noticed it's taking a long time to load vids?

Ambulocetus said...

Hi there, I guess I'll start. I'm a bit of a cultural snob. Just as I don't read much fiction anymore except for certain authors, so it is with listening to music; I prefer only certain artists. I can't even listen to the radio anymore because the insipidness of most music infuriates me. I've made some videos of some of my favorites on youtube;

Some others I like- Jello and the Melvins-
George Hrab-
Tim Minchin-
I'm getting older, so I also listen to Sade and Steely Dan more than I used to.

eddie said...

Oh, and I almost forgot;

Dananananakroyd -

ggab7768 said...

I'm a little old school.
Gotta mention Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull.
As Time passed I got into Toad the Wet Sprocket, Jane's Addiction, Alice In Chains, Tool, Jeff Buckley, Afghan Whigs (if you don't know these guys, you gotta check it out), that's about it.
Give me Afghan Whigs- Gentleman (or any album really), Jeff Buckley- Grace, Pink Floyd- Animals & The Wall, Jethro Tull-Aqualung and leave me on an Island for the rest of my life.

Scrabcake said...

Train of Thought - Dream Theater
Future Fail - Frontline Assembly
Morning Night & Day - New Order
Cream and Bastards Rise - Harvey Danger
Lane Navachi - Lunascape

Anonymous said...

Try out some Franz Ferdinand. You'll like it! ^_^

I highly recommend you install iTunes and then utilize its Genius function. It takes the songs that you have and matches you to other bands and songs that you might like. I doubted it at first, but I actually discovered four new bands that I liked and a whole ipod full of songs that way. It's really amazing and intuitive, even better than Pandora.

Anonymous said...


Depeche Mode

The Birthday Massacre

The Presets


Front Line Assembly

Skinny Puppy

And who could forget:

Awww snap!

normdoering said...

"And who could forget:"

Ahgg! I've been Rick Rolled!

North of 49 said...

Old School here, too, with some recent modifications. Jethro Tull, Wishbone Ash Argus, Emerson Lake and Palmer Pictures at an Exhibition, Al Stewart, Harry Chapin, Beatles, Neil Young, The Byrds, many others.

For a true skald, one could do worse than Stan Rogers, RIP.

Foreign language stuff: I saw Bollywood-Hollywood a few years ago and went to the local library for Bhangra -- Indian rock -- which led me to the foreign-language section and all sorts of treasures. Check out the Putumayo label for collections from far-flung places and you'll turn up some real gems.

Anonymous said...


Talking Heads

Sigur Ros

and others


Anonymous said...

Ah, noted you want the less notable...

The National

Bat for lashes


Patrick Wolf

animal collective (Panda Bear's album is great)

Bachalon said...



Mors Syphilitica

Electric Wizard

Preston Reed

Antoine de Lhoyer

Cedell Davis





gingerbaker said...

Hi Norm

Richard Thompson - first and foremost. Is he the most talented musician/songwriter/guitarist/performer on the planet?

Sun Kil Moon - when you are in the mood for things even more dark

A few I have liked from Pandora:

Freedy Johnston
Greg Brown

Otherwise, its back to the 60's and 70's:

Ry Cooder - especially his newer world music collaborations

Dan Hicks

you have no doubt heard of everyone else


normdoering said...

Meowlin, from Bear's blog, answered the question there, but I want to share it here:

Other than BSG and other BMcC soundtracks…
- The soundtrack of “SimCity 3000″ (particularly the four jazz tracks)
- Deva Premal
- ZZ Top (see )
- Parliament, with George Clinton (Quorum w/ Simon Clinton - guess which one I am…)

- score of “The Big Country” by Jerome Moross (hoping to acquire a recording of his music for “The Mountain Road” and “The Valley of Gwangi”.)
- “Becoming X” (Sneaker Pimps - “6 underground” in particular)
- …you never know…

- M. \”/

InfuriatedSciTeacher said...

Since you seem to have an affinity for metal, you may not like my selections (I tend toward what my friends call "hippie stoner music", but:
The Dead

Ryan Adams


Micheal Franti

normdoering said...

InfuriatedSciTeacher wrote:
"Since you seem to have an affinity for metal, you may not like my selections (I tend toward what my friends call 'hippie stoner music,' but:
The Dead
Ryan Adams
Micheal Franti"

I have very broad musical tastes but the only thing wrong with your picks is that I'm already familiar with them.

I get the feeling you haven't listened to new music in about a decade.

InfuriatedSciTeacher said...

Listened, yes, enjoyed, for the most part, no... There were a number of smaller acts at Bonnaroo I liked, but there's no way I was going to remember the names in that state.

normdoering said...

InfuriatedSciTeacher wrote:
"Listened, yes, enjoyed, for the most part, no... There were a number of smaller acts at Bonnaroo I liked, but there's no way I was going to remember the names in that state."

A few months ago I felt the same way, nothing interesting was coming in over the radio and I wasn't buying anything new. I was only listening to my old stuff and not very often. But then I discovered I could find groups I had sort of liked and only vaguely remembered on youtube.

Starting with finding an old "Tool" song because it remended me of John McCain I started discovering more music I liked, mostly old once favorites... well, at first. Now I've almost always got a tune playing in the background while I write my blog or answer my email.

Right now, as I write, I'm listening to Frontline Assembly-Civilization (thanks, Scrabcake) and finding it quite interesting.

I've never had such an enormous world of music to explore before. It's like being lost in a million mile wide candy store.

Just start exploring it... I think you'll start finding things you like that you've never heard before. It's not like when you and me were young and some corporate overlords were deciding what we listened to by putting it out on a few radio stations and in record stores with what now looks like tiny limited collections.

InfuriatedSciTeacher said...

Thanks for that...

Some bands that I dig that you may actually not have heard of, depending on what part of the country you're in:

The Lowest of the Low

The Weakerthans

Tragically Hip

Great Big Sea

Then again, you may have heard of all 4.

Anonymous said...

I too like Hawkwind, best albums "Space Ritual", and "Chronicle of the Black Sword".

Radiohead "OK Computer";

Pink Floyd from "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" thru to "The Final Cut"

For heavy stuff, cant go wrong with "Megadeth" and "Slayer"

spurge said...

I was curious what you think of some of the new groups you have been exposed to.

normdoering said...

spurge asked:
"... what you think of some of the new groups ..."

Well, spurge, you came up with a couple good ones. Though I'd already been listening to a few of the artists you listed, like Tori Amos (who you'll find was once linked in my first music posts, My Christmas Gift, under the phrase "sacrificed white female animals" but she's owned by WMG and they're removing all their songs) and Gentle Giant for example. However about 50 percent, or slightly more in your case, were new to me and of them maybe another 20 percent I really liked. In your case -- Bluetip and Marillion were new and quite enjoyable.

I found eddie's "The Moth and the Mirror" to be very haunting stuff.

And Bachalon had some stuff that was right up my alley.

The snob and the old school guy had a harder time coming up with a group I hadn't already known about - but that didn't mean I'd thought to listen to them again until they brought them up.

How about you -- did you find anything here that was new to you and that you liked?

spurge said...

Glad you liked some of my list. Marillion is an old favorite of mine. Their original lead singer who goes by the name of "Fish" has some solo stuff that you might like too.

So far I kind of dig Cynic, Ozric Tentacles and Muse.

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