Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Banana Man still wants Dawkins

Ray Comfort is still pushing for a debate with Richard Dawkins:

I wish Dawkins would take Ray up on the offer. It would be a rather devious way to make Christianity look bad by letting Ray Comfort be it's voice.

I already dealt with Ray Comfort's claims about his banana video here, in "Pretending to think like Ray Comfort" and in "Ray Comfort's continuing sex problems."

There's really nothing new in the video.



William Carlton said...

Got here from richarddawkins.net.

Had to comment about RRS on Nightline. Those guys were NOT ready for primetime. Dude looked like he was going to shit his pants the whole time. Sweating like a sow in heat. I was embarrassed for rationalism.

Comfort and Cameron are charlatans or morons or both, obviously, but their presentation is a bit more polished and unfortunately a lot of viewers can be won over easily by superficialities. Hopefully, this is less true of the Nightline audience.

Ironic that they leaned so heavily on Sam Harris in that one segment, because I agree with Sam that "atheism" is a term we don't need. It's often a conversation stopper as much or more than a consciousness-raising device.

Check out my blog if you feel like it. It'll be easy on the eyes because we picked the same template! I don't disguise my agnosticism or atheism or whatever you call it, but I think I'd get bored really quickly just writing about atheism.

Anyhoo, peace, and blog on.

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