Sunday, June 7, 2009

some pictures from my trip

I expect this will bore most of the readers who come to my blog. Sorry about that. This is just a fairly random collection of pictures taken on my trip to Washington DC with a long stop over in Atlanta.

Currently I don't have the time to blog or work on the Kompoz music. I have access to a computer, but not to my musicc software. I may download some tonight however.

Right now I can't get to sleep so I'm going over the photos I took on the trip.

For some reason, tonight, this seems to be my favorite picture:

An attractive girl sleeping in the chairs at the airport terminal in Atlanta.

This next one features a weird book I was tempted to buy just because of the title: "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies."

I found it at this bookstore I'd never heard of before, Buckhead Books. Is it some new chain? It was in the Atlanta airport:

Next, well, I've seen clouds from both sides now, top and bottom, and still somehow it's cloud's illusions I recall.... cotton candy ice bergs floating in a milky blue sea.


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