Thursday, February 22, 2007

No religion zones? .... Hmmmm

David Horton at HuffPo had an interesting idea:

"But I digress. It occurred to me the other day, while standing, gratefully, in a no-smoking zone, some distance from where smokers were polluting their lungs and the world around them, that this principle could be carried further. It was also a few days ago that I was last buttonholed, while going about my business in town, by happy smiling fellows in dark suits and ties wondering if I knew the lord (no, one of them wasn't Mitt Romney).

"And it suddenly struck me - what about no-religion zones in our towns as well as no-smoking zones? Can't ban religion altogether of course, that has proved about as effective in various countries as Prohibition was for alcohol. Libertarians come out, guns blazing, demanding that religion not only not be persecuted but be favored. But it would be great to limit where they can carry out toxic activities that damage the non-religious. I don't care what they do in the privacy of church and home, but, just as with smokers, I do object when they come and do it in other places."

Intersting idea, but it has problems -- for example, will the religious arrest women who go to the no-religion zone for an abortion after they come back out? I remember from a long time ago hearing about a woman getting arrested for murder upon going back to Florida after having had an abortion in another state.

And some of us atheists do talk a lot about gods.

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