Friday, June 29, 2007

The Ig Nobel Deepak Chopra

My readers have been reminding me about Deepak's newest blog post, The Woo Woo Factor, and Anders Rasmussen reminds how Deepak Chopra won the Ig Nobel prize a few years back. Sorry about not keeping up, but keeping up with Deepak gets dull and repetitive. Luckily PZ Myers and Orac have picked up the slack for all you readers who want your regular dose of Chopra bashing.

Here, thanks to Anders Rasmussen, are a few old Chopra quotations that illustrate Deepak's abuse of quantum physics:

(1) "The most important routine to follow is transcending: the act of getting in touch with the quantum level of yourself"

(2) "Quantum health is based on the idea that we are always, forever, in transition."

(3) "The universe consists of a "field of all possibilities" called the "field of pure potentiality", and also the "quantum soup"

It's the old quantum mysticism and quantum quackery that's been with us since Fritjof Capra wrote the "The Tao of Physics" back in the 1970s.

Deepak writes:
I would much rather talk to ten people who believe that they have heard from their dead Aunt Minnie than a hundred who shout in my ear that only idiots believe in the afterlife.

Of course Deepak would prefer those who hear the voices of the dead, they're more likely to buy his "quantum nutrition" advice from his American academy of quantum medicine.

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