Tuesday, February 10, 2009

News flash! Ray Comfort likes Sadistic Movies!

I went over to Ray Comfort's blog to get a few laughs and I found this post, "If you are an atheist, please watch this..."

Here's the little short film he linked:

Under it was just one sentence: "This is the logal result of atheistic evolution."

I thought it was a well done little film, but Ray's point in posting it completely escapes me. What is the result of atheistic evolution, Ray? Interesting little sadistic short films? Cruel sociopathic and/or psychopathic human monsters who like to torture and kill people? What exactly is Ray trying to say?

I suppose a case, the most generous one, could be made that religious belief holds back a few socio-psychopathic monsters who might be inclined to torture and kill if they weren't afraid of hell. Perhaps Ray Comfort is such a monster himself? After all, he has made a god of an imaginary entity he believes will torture me for eternity.

On the other hand what about the costly crimes religion has inspired:

And what if one day Ray heard God's voice telling him to kill children?

A less generous case could be made that Ray is trying to say that if we believed the world was different, like he does, it actually would be different. That if we stopped believing in the idea that to a large degree that behavior and temperament are hereditary, then hereditary monsters would not exist either. There is no reason to suppose that such psychopaths don't exist just because it would be so unpleasant if they did. It is simply the way the world is whether we accept that reality or not. It is not dependent on evolution or on atheism. If you can't argue successfully against a psychopath, well, that's the way it goes. You also can't argue successfully against cancer or hungry lions either, that would be like trying to argue successfully against God.

Does Ray think that because he believes in God he would have a better argument to stop the psychopath? Considering the arguments on Ray's blog they might have just the opposite effect.

What exactly is Ray's point? Can anyone explain?


The Barefoot Bum said...

The only point Ray Comfort has is at the top of his head.

Daniel said...

The inside of Ray Comfort's head is probably a lot like the movie, The Cell, minus J-Lo.

normdoering said...

Daniel wrote:
"... inside of Ray Comfort's head is ... like the movie, The Cell..."

I saw that movie. It was a great piece of surrealistic horror film making.

Yea, Ray's mind is probably scarier than that.

Chris mankey said...

Of course the plane going into the building is not hypothetical like the serial killer scenario. I guess that score one for RELIGION on the scale of evil!

Lancelot Link said...

Good thing nobody has ever been tortured to death in the name of the Church.