Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Indiana’s New License Plate : "In God We Trust"

I just got back from the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles after renewing my license. The new Indiana license plates now have the words "In God we Trust" taking up about half the plate. I just got a one year sticker, not the new plate.

Indiana is being taken over by Christianists.

You don't have to get the new plate. I was told that there was a "green plate" or "blue plate" you could get for no extra fee. The green plate is Indiana's regular license plate, while the blue plate is the "In God We Trust" plate. They are required by law to issue you the regular Indiana license plate unless you reqest one of the special license plates from which there are several dozen to choose. What's different is that this new "vanity" plate doesn't cost anything extra. It's like a regular plate.

I did a short google on the topic and found this Press Release.

House Enrolled Act 1013, authored by Rep. Burton and passed by the General Assembly in the 2006 legislative session, allows for the manufacture and purchase of state license plates featuring the words, "In God We Trust." No additional fee will be enforced for purchase of the plate, as is the case with all other specialty license plates. It will be offered for all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

The license plate will be available to the public on January 1, 2007 (at the time of the person's plate registration renewal based upon the first letter of his/her last name).

Source: Indiana House Republican Caucus

The Press release also contains this historical inaccuracy:
The symbolism portrayed by the American Flag displays our loyalty to the United States and the words of our founding fathers. It is my hope that thousands of Hoosiers will choose this plate and display it proudly.

The words "In God we Trust" are not really the words of our founding fathers. They never put it on our money. It's not part of our founding documents, neither the declaration or constitution. Attempts were made to do that, but they were voted down.

The "In God We Trust" plate costs no more than the regular license plate because it benefits no specific group. But the BMV is issuing the license plate as a regular license plate and either stepping over the line to endorse a specific religion or blurring the line that separates church and state. No other kind of license plate is set up next to the regular plate and displayed that way, no other plate costs no extra money. It may also be that employees are being directed to issue the "In God We Trust" plate over the regular license plate.

It was the idea of Eric Miller's Advance America, and the legislation authorizing it was authored by Rep. Woody Burton, a Republican of course.

It's not just Indiana:

Tennessee has its own "In God We Trust" licesnse plates, but theirs are not free. It requires paying a fee to the American Eagle Foundation, an organization dedicated to saving the American Bald Eagle.


Carlie said...

Here's the link where I first heard about it: shakes

Not only is it a church/state problem, it costs a lot.

normdoering said...

Thanks carlie,

I just added that link to the words: "'In God We Trust' plate" and I also added a link to someone who has an analysis of the latest tax return available for Advance America which uncovered more self-dealing by the founder of the "nonprofit," Eric Miller, to the tune of nearly $250,000.

The words "Advance America" also now link to their site.

mel said...

Norm, I've been lurking for a while so I thought I'd introduce myself and tag you with the a Thinking Blogger award at the same time.

Thanks for kicking theist ass on a regular basis.

Sacred Slut said...

This is disgusting. Do you know if there are any legal challenges to this?

Jolie said...

It is a sad to see your closed mindedness and disrespect to people that believe in God. It sounds like utter hatred.

We are all people man, your blog rips people for not being perfect and having different beliefs. NEWSFLASH- people on Earth are NOT perfect and I'm thankful most are not as overtly disrespectful.

I feel sorry for you. As this is an open blog, I decided to contribute, giving you another perspective than that of your FOLLOWERS like mel here. And yes, if people want "In God We Trust" on their license plates, I'm not going to stop them. This is a free society and last time I checked, China and North Korea are pretty opressive to Christians. Perhaps you should relocate, you might fit in better there.

I'm sure you will probably rip me as well, as I would expect nothing more than more intolerance. Feel free to proove me wrong...

Thanks, Jolie

Anonymous said...

Let's see, the last time I looked, the word "God" was mentioned in the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and the word "Creator" was mentioned in the second paragraph. So what's your problem?

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess you might want to get rid of your money to because that has in God we Trust on there. And it is not just a Christian thing. As you would notice it says God. And if you think about different religions-not everyone has the same God.
So, the next time you want to throw a fit about this plate- look down at your money--it's on there too.

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