Friday, April 20, 2007

Jolie: Another Clueless Sucker

Well, I got another one of those clueless suckers making comments on my blog. This one is Jolie who said, in the "Indiana’s New License Plate" comments area, this:

It is a sad to see your closed mindedness and disrespect to people that believe in God. It sounds like utter hatred.

We are all people man, your blog rips people for not being perfect and having different beliefs. NEWSFLASH- people on Earth are NOT perfect and I'm thankful most are not as overtly disrespectful.

My blog does not rip people for not being perfect and having different beliefs, it "rips" on them for some very specifically ill formed and ultimately destructive beliefs which, for the most part, I clearly define. Jolie on the other hand remains incredibly general and vague; it's just "other beliefs" and "believing in God."

The post Jolie commented on, "Indiana’s New License Plate," rips on those people who gave us the plate (and to a lesser extent, by implication, a bit on Indiana citizens in general for being the clueless suckers of Christian Right and their manipulations). When I saw the plate, I smelled a rat and, sure enough, I found a couple rats who lie and cheat. In the case of the Indiana Plate they are Eric Miller and his Advance America, and Rep. Woody Burton. If you click on the site linked by Eric Miller's name in both of these posts you'll find linked there an article called "Miller's Self-Dealing At Advance America Escalates."

Miller, founder of the "nonprofit" Advance America, had that organization pay him money. Eric Miller received a compensation package worth $106,546, while the organization paid another $134,800 to Miller's law firm for legal services. The quarter-million dollars paid directly to Miller or his law firm represented more than one-third of the nonprofit's expenditures for the year. And it doesn't end there.

Advance America's two primary purposes; it lobbies the Indiana legislature on a variety of social issues and it also compiles legislative voting records and voter guides based upon the narrow issues. I'm not sure those are legitimate nonprofit purposes. So why isn't anyone doing anything? Well, all I can figure is there are too many suckers in Indiana who aren't paying attention.

Read the article for even more.

That post wasn't about God belief. It was about political power and pandering. Advance America's money comes from suckers, (like Jolie perhaps?), who probably (like Jolie) see me doing nothing but ripping on "God belief." That blindness is what makes clueless suckers who can't see there are legit issues here that even God believers should be paying attention too. And that gives me another clue to how Jolie is being lied too and manipulated by the Christian right.

I laid out a basic issue, are they stepping over the line to endorse a specific religion or blurring the line that separates church and state. Now Jolie, what do you think separation of church and state is? Why do you think it's important? Or is it?

I pointed to a lie these guys made in their Press release, claiming that "In God we Trust" are the words of our founding fathers. They are not.

I feel sorry for you. As this is an open blog, I decided to contribute, giving you another perspective than that of your FOLLOWERS like mel here. And yes, if people want "In God We Trust" on their license plates, I'm not going to stop them. This is a free society and last time I checked, China and North Korea are pretty opressive to Christians. Perhaps you should relocate, you might fit in better there.

Hey, if people want "In God We Trust" on their license plates let them buy vanity plates instead of taking money from everybody in Indiana, including those that don't want the plate. This is not a free society if everybody has to pay to endorse your religion no matter how vague the endorsement. To compare that to China's and North Korea's oppression (and not just of Christians) is really stupid and clueless.

I'm sure you will probably rip me as well, as I would expect nothing more than more intolerance. Feel free to prove me wrong...

Oh, I guess I'm ripping on you, but not for believing in God. Those words are too vague and general to rip on. What's God? What does it mean to believe? I am ripping on you for being a clueless sucker with the reading skills of a turnip who can't see the facts right in front of their nose. I'm ripping on you for blindly endorsing state-sanctioned hypocrisy while not being able to see how your blindness gets us all ripped off.

You comment only on my attitude, not my arguements or my facts. My attitude will not change until I stop finding the rats I always do find behind all these Christianist operations.


Dan said...

Oh, I guess I'm ripping on you, but not for believing in God.

You're wasting your time with that argument. I'm pretty sure that Jolie can't tell the difference.

Logicel said...

You comment only on my attitude, not my arguements or my facts.

I encourage Jolie to focus on that above quote from Norman.

If you are a Christian, you owe it to your religion to identify the core issue up for discussion. A Christian wants to encourage honesty and fair dealing, no? Norman questions why this particular way of making In God We Trust license plates available to the public is wrong, not that people do not have the right to choose what goes on their license plates. Norman (to the best of my comprehension) is not against that aspect in itself, including choosing the In God We Trust license plates if so desired.

Christians can be discriminating and still be Christians. I know Christians who can pull this off, why can't you, Jolie?

Your best response is for Norman to go live in North Korea? So fellow Americans who are astute enough to sniff out a scam, should leave the country? America is resistant to tyranny because Americans can question and challenge decisions made by governmental agencies.

Sorry, but Norman seems more Christian and American than you.

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