Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More of Orson Scott Card's anti-atheist bigotry

Orson Scott Card's newest, "Other Mormons Didn't Accept Me," is up. It has some more anti-atheist quotes:

America is the most religious Western nation — but surely Dr. Mohler sees that our children can hardly get a college degree without being indoctrinated, not just in atheism, but in hostility to all organized religions, Christianity in particular.

Oh, no! Send a kid to college and he might meet an atheist! This stuff about being indoctrinated is just bigoted BS. Would Mr. Card object to academic views and practices on religion being diverse? Believers outnumber atheists and agnostics, and plenty of professors can be found regularly attending religious services.

Mr. Card is making an appeal to Dr. Mohler's bigotry. But I guess there is a bit of hostility that comes from realizing you've been lied to for most of your young life. However, the evidence is the evidence and it is against religion.

When professors tell our children that all religions are outmoded, that Christianity belongs in the dustbin of history, that all evils in history have been caused by fanatical believers in some religion — do you think it matters to them whether the religion they're rejecting is Orthodox Judaism, evangelical Christianity, Catholicism, or Mormonism?

Well, I live in a world where most people tell me lies about Hitler being an atheist, about how I'll be damned to Hell if I don't believe some crazy thing and more crazy stuff. It's not changing my opinion. Maybe if there were a way Mr. Card could make a real case he could be safe in a world where other people have different opinions? Maybe if his truth could be reached through critical thought it wouldn't matter what other opinions people had.

The message of Christ is today proclaimed into the ears of an increasingly hostile world. Whether from jihadist Islam or jihadist atheism, we are beleaguered on all sides and none of us has the majority.

Jihadist atheism?! Are we flying planes into buildings? Are we shooting abortion doctors or blowing up family planning clinics?

Returning to the example of Gov. Romney, I wonder if there is a Christian denomination on earth that would not be proud to claim as a member of their church a man who is so faithful to his wife and devoted to his children, so abstemious in his personal habits, so consonant to his expressed ideals?

I'm happy to see that Card wouldn't vote for Ronald Reagan. Reagan was, after all, a presidential candidate who was divorced, had estranged relations with his children, never saw his grandchildren, rarely attended church, strongly opposed a law to ban gays from teaching school, and as governor signed the nation’s most liberal abortion law.

And according to George F. Will, "Three Good Options for The Right":

Suppose someone seeking the presidential nomination had, as a governor, signed the largest tax increase in his state's history and the nation's most permissive abortion law. And by signing a law institutionalizing no-fault divorce, he had unwittingly but substantially advanced an idea central to the campaign for same-sex marriages -- the minimalist understanding of marriage as merely a contract between consenting adults to be entered into or dissolved as it suits their happiness.

Question: Is it not likely that such a presidential aspirant would be derided by some of today's fastidious conservatives? A sobering thought, that, because the attributes just described were those of Ronald Reagan.

Back to Mr. Card:
But we accept every word of Christ in the New Testament.

They do? They believe demons can live in people and be cast into pigs? What about Matthew's zombies?

When Christianity is once again seen — correctly, I might add — as the nurturing mother of democracy and freedom throughout the world, ...

Gee, didn't those pagan Greeks come up with democracy while the Hebrews were living in a theocracy?


mel said...

Being a former believing Mormon and former avid reader of Card, I can attest to two things:

1. Yes, many Mormons believe that demon possessions are real (but not as avidly as some Catholics apparently do) and that Jesus could put them anywhere he wanted to including into pigs ... him being god.

2. Scott Card actually believes shit much stranger than his own fiction, including the standard Mormon stuff but also in a basis is truth for much of his own fiction.

As for the Pagans -- I'm sure he'd have some nonsensical notion of Satan's counterfeit. Mormons really do believe that the American Continent and the nation in particular are god's little pet project for saving the rest of the world. This is spelled out fairly clearly in the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants of the Mormon church. This is a large part of the reason they feel compelled to legislate tenets of faith.

And on Romney, anyone who says that the actual religious beliefs of presidential candidates are irrelevant to the job has never believed things like Mormons believe.

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